Cover image for Westmill Woodland Burial Ground

Westmill Woodland Burial Ground allows anyone to choose a natural burial whatever their faith.  The wildlife and flowers of this woodland burial ground are cared for in a natural, sustainable way which ensures they will benefit the generations to come.

Offering an ideal choice for those seeking a more natural burial, Westmill aims to provide a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to a traditional graveyard or cemetery. Families may choose to bury or scatter the ashes of their loved one among the trees, wildlife and flora and forna.

Westmill is a constantly evolving woodland and meadow site where the seasons change and yet time stands still. Funerals at Westmill can be long or short and involve an intimate group or many hundreds of people.

We respect the fact that Westmill is part of a larger organic farm, and also has fabulous views of the downs.  They  run a Family and Friends Group which runs events and has an optional bi-annual newsletter.  People are free to attend as many or as few events as they wish and some take great comfort in meeting with others who understand bereavement.

Westmill features an open sided roundhouse which can be used for funeral gatherings, for picnics or just shelter when the weather takes in inclement turn.  The roundhouse can hold around 40 people and families are welcome to decorate it as they wish.

Next to the burial ground there is parking for 8-10 cars and there is also a large overflow car perk nearby.  Composting lavatories and an accessible toilet are also available.

The traditional willow cart at Westmill can be pulled by 2-3 people and is popular because its attractive and easy to use.

Instead of individual grace stones Westmill has a Communal Memorial Stone made by Alec Peever, with words by Liz Rothschild.  Families can however purchase a memorial tablet which will be laid in the central spiral around the large sarsen stone. The cost of tablets is kept as affordable as possible.

To learn more about Westmill please visit their website.