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A non-religious funeral or humanist funeral is a ceremony that celebrates the life of someone who has died that does not mention God or religion, however, there are a couple of subtle differences between a humanist funeral service and a non-religious funeral.  

Humanist funerals are led by a humanist celebrant. Humanists believe that life is based on humanity and reason - not religion. This means that no acts of worship are allowed in the ceremony. Readings, music and poems are free of religious content.  Humanist funerals are usually held in a crematorium, natural burial site or town hall. 

A humanist memorial services can be held anywhere that isn’t a place of worship. 

Non-religious funerals are usually carried out by civil or independent celebrants where some inclusion of religious content may be included, whether it’s a favourite hymn, prayer or held in a local church. 

Non-religious funerals help family and friends mourn and express their grief however, in many cases a non-religious funeral may also be a celebration of life.  Every religion has traditions and rituals to honor the deceased. A non-religious funeral allows this to happen without being tied to the rituals of any particular religion. 

Whether it is a religious funeral, humanist funeral or non-religious funeral, the service structure is more or less the same.  There will be music, appropriate readings, poems and a eulogy.  A humanist funeral or non-religious funeral allows the family of the deceased to remember their loved one in a way that is fitting of the life that they have lived. 

For bereaved families who feel that a non-religious funeral or humanist funeral are more fitting for their loved one, our team are here to offer help and guidance in this area.