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A message from John Pearce, our Managing Director.

"We are very aware of how worrying and concerning costs can be, especially during the cost-of-living crisis we are all still experiencing.

We will always endeavour to do all we can to come alongside you and ease any financial burdens.

  • Whether you are arranging a cremation only service through to the most elaborate of send offs, we provide one of the most cost effect services in the area, whilst ensuring that we maintain the highest levels of service to both you and your loved one.
  • Alongside this we do not ask for deposits, giving you time and space to arrange the funeral of your loved one without having to worry about raising funds at the same time, we always keep you fully informed of the costs at every stage.
  • We welcome families that will need to apply for funding from organisations such as DWP and give you the time for the applications to go through.
  • As well as making ourselves one of the most cost effective options in the area, we also offer a £100.00 reduction on our fees for full payment within 14 days from the funeral date, and £200.00 pounds reduction for full payment before the funeral, further reducing the burden on your finances.
  • We do not turn people away because of finance. If costs are a concern, please do contact us.

You may also find our page about financial assistance helpful".