Traditionally, close friends and family of the departed will plan the order of service with help from the funeral director and whomever is conducting the ceremony. 

Planning an order of service can be a time to reflect and remember your friend or relative - ensuring the service reflects your loved one can help with the grieving process. Every order of service is different as they are personal to the deceased. There are lots of different websites with poems, readings, prayer and song suggestions to help bereaved relatives chose songs and readings that remember their loved one. 

Whether your funeral is religious or non-religious, typically, an order of service will include the following:


A funeral should have at least one reading which will either be read by whomever is leading the service, a relative or friend. Often, families will ask close friends/relatives of the deceased if they would like to read or say something appropriate.  Children/Grandchildren may read poems or if the funeral is religious, there could be a religious reading. 


A tribute or eulogy is a personalised reading that remembers the deceased. A eulogy will often include childhood memories, family members, hobbies, work, holidays and anything else that allows the congregation to remember the deceased. Asking family and friends for their memories to include in a eulogy helps to build a fitting tribute to your loved one. 


Prayers are traditionally read by the celebrant who is leading the funeral and are for religious ceremonies. Traditionally there is usually a shared prayer for the congregation to read together. 


The committal is towards the end of the service and it is the time to say a final goodbye. This is usually a very emotional moment. If the deceased is being cremated, curtains close around the coffin or the coffin may lower down below ground level. Often mourners are asked to leave the room with the coffin still in place. For burials, mourners gather around the graveside for the committal after the service. Quite often, the burial committal is for close family and friends only. 

The order of service will also include photos and songs.  Order of Services are very often taken away and kept forever in memory of the deceased. 

Here at Pearce Funeral Services, our dedicated team are always on hand to offer help and support. We can guide you on the different types of service, appropriate readings and music.