Scattering the Ashes

Scattering the Ashes

Many deceased will leave instructions in their will of where they would like their ashes to be scattered. This could be a favourite family holiday spot or somewhere that has sentimental value to the family.

What is important to know, is that whilst there are very few laws surrounding the scattering of ashes in the UK, you must have the landowners permission to scatter ashes on their land and you will also need to confirm it is okay with the Environment Agency.

There are also lots of resources available online to give guidance on how to scatter ashes which are worth researching before doing. For example, if you are scattering ashes on a lake or at sea, whilst no license or permission is required, you should inform the Environmental Agency and take precautions when scattering ashes to make sure the weather conditions are suitable, and also make sure that ashes are scattered close to water level.

Here at Pearce Funerals, our team are on hand to answer any questions you might have about the scattering of ashes following a cremation. We will be able to help you speak to the right people to get permission and recommend what sort of container you will require to successfully scatter your loved ones ashes in their final place of rest.

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